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Copenhagen’s First All-Timber Neighborhood

Henning Larsen Architects plans Copenhagen’s first all-timber neighbourhood, Fælledby, the winning concept of a national design competition hosted by local real estate company By & Havn. The proposed low-rise neighbourhood, designed in collaboration with local engineers MOE, will accommodate approximately 7,000 residents while leaving 40% of the natural landscape undeveloped. Illustrating how new developments can bring together sustainable architecture and environmentalist principles, benefiting both people and animals, the project will be entirely timber construction to reduce the carbon footprint of its construction.

The proposal transforms a 44-acre former dumping ground site just beyond the city centre into a model for sustainable living. In particular the master plan intends to preserve the existing wetlands and dry scrub on site, that have long been habitats for turtles, birds, deer and other wildlife. The three radial neighbourhoods encourage a sense of community, with green corridors which run between these mini-villages, ensuring free movement for wildlife. The timber construction proposal aims to reduce the carbon impact of the development. Compared to alternative building materials such as steel or concrete, timber captures and stores CO2 during its growth, so as a building material it actively removes CO2 from the environment as it is produced. The homes will be built using locally-sourced timber and will meet high sustainability standards.

Fælledby is currently in the planning stage with the city of Copenhagen and no completion date has been given. Read more here.

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