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What's in a name?

You might be wondering where the name Wellington Architectural came from? No it's not from the capital of New Zealand, the name Wellington actually comes from a small town in rural Somerset, a county in the west of England.

Wellington is the home town of Wellington Architectural's Director in Australia, Joseph Wainwright, so it was only fitting that he named the company after the town where he grew up and which fostered his passion for timber cladding.

After 6 months in business in Australia, Wellington Architectural has recently expanded to the UK opening its first overseas branch in May 2019 in Wellington, Somerset. Same products and same quality, but there will be a different range of timbers for our UK panels. For all UK based enquiries please visit

Wellington gave its name to the first Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, who is commemorated by the nearby Wellington Monument.

Wellington has a strong history in timber and woodworking. In the 1840s Wellington was the county’s principal chair-making centre and in 1842 at least sixteen men in New Street traded as chair makers, wood turners, coopers, joiners, cabinet makers, timber merchants, or wheelwrights.

A firm of international renown was Richard Groom & Sons, timber merchants whose premises were near Groom’s Alley. As well as major manufacturers of wooden products from indigenous trees, the firm was also the largest importer of foreign timber in the country.

Today, Wellington Architectural is continuing Wellington’s history of timber with our range of timber panels.

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