Rethinking Ceilings

Even though the ceiling is a major feature of any room, we tend to neglect their appearance. Often painting them the safe choice of white and not giving it a second thought.

Considering the appearance of the ceiling when designing a space can significantly improve the overall feel of the space and help to tie different design elements together.

Timber is an excellent choice for making a feature of the ceiling. Timber’s natural grain, colours and ambience will always be noticed when stepping into a room. Not only does it look beautiful, it also helps to absorb sound in the space which provides increased acoustic properties.

Timber ceilings are quite low maintenance; depending on the species and grade of timber, the ceiling will need to undergo treatment once every five years or so.

Wellington Architectural's timber panels are the perfect solution for using timber on your ceiling. Our timber panels are custom made and are delivered to site pre-fabricated and ready to install. Our panels feature concealed fixings which provide a seamless finish with fast installation and reduced waste.

Looking for more inspiration? Follow us on Pinterest! We have a Timber Ceiling board with plenty of inspiration for your next project.

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